Nº 47 - The perfume composition

Perfume is nothing more than a harmonious agreement between essences that complement each other. The raw materials used to make up a fragrance are chosen and blended according to two principles: persistence and intensity.

Persistence is the ability of an odour to persist over time; the heavier are the molecules, the more slowly they evaporate and are therefore able to maintain the density of the odour.

Similarly, a higher concentration of the essence ensures greater persistence. Intensity, on the other hand, is the force by which the essence can reach our olfactory receptors; it depends on the type of raw material used: citrus notes, for example, the nose senses immediately, but they are also the most evanescent.

According to these two principles, the structure of a perfume is divided into three levels: top notes, those which first reach the nose and ignite our senses with their freshness, but which are weakly persistent; middle notes, which create the so-called trail of perfume; and base notes, the true personality of a perfume, which persists for a long time and gives life to the olfactory memory.

Written by Adele

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