Nº 48 - The fragrance of happiness

How do we become aware of a changing season?

How can we feel that autumn has given way to winter, and that summer has decided to appear after an uncertain spring? How can we perceive the olfactory beauties of each month that nature knows how to give us, tirelessly, one after the other?

Simple, with the scent that is released into the air, creating our reality But how can all this happen?

Through the sense of smell! Scents and smells go directly to our brain, stimulate the nervous system and release hormones.

And it is precisely these that can then influence our mood in a matter of milliseconds; in fact, when aromas are linked to memories and sensations that are part of our experience, they can act positively on our mood, taking us back to the hidden feelings and emotions of the past.

Similarly, a negative memory can resurface if we just go near the smell that our brain has associated with it. So pay attention, the next time a smell is released into the air when you are immensely happy, look for it in every moment of your days.

Written by Adele

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