Nº 52 - Choose your perfume and I'll tell you who you are

Choosing a perfume is a conscious experience that involves one's skin, tastes and personality.

The perfume we choose must represent us and must, in the time of a perfume, be able to transmit our temperament to others.

As we know, this choice should also be made by taking into account the PH of our skin, which can determine how each fragrance can be perceived; so here is a little guide to help us choose the perfect perfume according to our personality!

Vital and energetic personalities

For these people the best notes are citrusy, rich compositions like lemon, bergamot, tangerine, orange or lime. They symbolize a determined and sparkling temperament, always ready to throw themselves into new challenges.

Romantic and dreamy personalities

Floral fragrances are the best for this category: jasmine, rose, iris, lily of the valley, violet and narcissus for people who like to highlight their sentimental and poetic being.

Gentle and refined personalities

The perfect notes for them are powdery, soft, talc notes that enhance elegance and sensuality. Musk and rose, bergamot and jasmine, timeless fragrances that express style, charm and sophistication.

Sensual, provocative and seductive personalities

Oriental notes, enveloping and exuberant capable of transporting the mind to far away and mysterious places. Oriental notes, vanilla, patchouli and spices for intense perfumes perfect for those who like to enchant and bewitch

Written by Adele

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