Nº 53 - Choose your perfume and I'll tell you who you are (2 part)

We have seen how each olfactory group can reflect different styles and personalities.

Scent can be linked to a state of mind or a primal need, which is why we often have more than one favourite fragrance depending on the moment and the need we want to satisfy. So let us help our instincts by continuing with our guide of olfactory personalities.

Determined and courageous personalities

Perfect for them are woody notes such as cedar, sandalwood and patchouli, with spicy and citrus touches; fragrances with warm and refined notes for those who feel strong and vigorous.

Travelling and wild personalities

They love the notes of leather and tobacco, forming exclusive and intriguing fragrances with a great personality.

Sporty and nature-loving personalities

Ideal notes are aromatic ones such as lavender, rosemary and mint. Dynamic and natural fragrances are perfect for their fresh feel.

Written by Adele

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