Nº 54 - Four films inspired by the Perfume World

Perfume, Story of a Murderer

Based on the novel Perfume by Patrick Suskind, this is a perfect tale of the complexity of the olfactory universe. The protagonist, with an incredible sense of smell, undertakes a spasmodic search for his olfactory identity, becoming the best perfume creator in 18th-century France and at the same time the author of heinous crimes.

Les Parfums

A meeting of the senses between cinema and the world of fragrances, this French comedy points straight at the nose; Guillaume is getting divorced and his job as a chauffeur leads him to become the personal chauffeur of Madame Wallberg, a top-nose and perfumer, creator of a legendary fragrance by Dior. The two are polar opposites, but little by little they will grow closer and be each other's drive to get their lives back on track.

A Walk in the Clouds
A true concentrate on the scents of the vineyard, the grape harvest and the scent of crushed grapes; set in Southern California, the scent of must will provide the backdrop to a love that matures in the time of summer sun.

Como agua para chocolate

Tita and Pedro are star-crossed lovers in an archaic society who live their love through the dishes and gastronomic preparations in which Tita creates real alchemy of tastes and scents: a passion consummated between the worlds of taste and smell.

Written by Adele

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