When we love a fragrance, we would like to have it with us always, so that its aroma can intoxicate us and bring us back to positive and timeless sensations.

And if home and person have their own scents, then it is only right that the world of textiles should also have one dedicated to them; textiles are able to capture the aroma more effectively and release it into the environment slowly, which is why perfuming our home using this method can provide us with a constant and long-lasting scented trail.

Clothes are a really good medium for accommodating perfume and releasing its essence. Fabrics such as wool, cotton, cashmere and silk are perfect for perfuming. Be careful, however: perfume should never be sprayed directly onto clothes, but sprayed upwards into the room so as to create a cloud of perfume in which you can pass the clothes around for a few moments.

Finally, spraying fabric perfume also on the bedroom curtains a few hours before going to sleep will comfort your sleep.

Written by Adele

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